SS Skill works on inner game for success. Core intention of SS Skill is finding a simple way to Source Supreme Skill - that it will bring joy to billions around the world. Mahatma Gandhi said that we must “be the change” we want to see in the world. Too often we focus on actions and strategies while neglecting our attitude and “way of being”. When we focus on “being” and we take charge of our attitude and approach to career and life, our actions naturally follow suit and become more effective.

In 1904, a little-known Englishman named James Allen wrote a small book called As a Man Thinketh. As You Think is a simple yet powerful reminder that "all we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is the direct result of our own thoughts." We are the masters of our destinies. Science of mastering the thoughts is the greatest invention of this century, however majority of Indian population either not aware of all these inventions/ discovery or consider that ill luck and lack of opportunities are caused for their misfortune. If we search in the internet we will find that numerous teaching courses are available which are awesome and very good; if we learn and apply all the tools and techniques. However all these courses are very expensive and language is main barrier for us. SS Skill formed on social enterprise model thus aims to find workable way so that people get this information and training programs at affordable cost. SS Skill is committed to help our people to realize their dreams. We choose to create a fearless society where we believe that we can achieve all that we desire through THE UNIVERSE, who strengthens us.

We create products and services in local languages that harmonize people with the natural, immutable Laws of the Universe. With partners and collaborators we share our belief in joyful productivity, lifelong learning, and limitless prosperity. In order to create a world in which true wealth spiritual, material, intellectual flows to, through, and from each one of us in an ever-expanding, never-ending cycle of abundance. SS Skill does their best to achieve lasting improvements in the life of vast section of people in rural youths to elevate from mediocrity to excellence.' Motivating the youth in remote communities to earn their livelihood having peace of mind and good health. We believe in cooperation not competition. We teach to gain cooperation of all including the nature. We declare “simple is way of fearless and abundant life”.


SS Skill is working on a social enterprise model where profit is secondary but essential for its own sustenance.

Abhijit Sinha having worked as a corporate manager in a large organization like NTPC Ltd for 32 long years gained a huge working experience how things operate in such organizations. He had remained regular student of great inspirational gurus like Robin Sharma, Bob Proctor, Mike Dooley and Deepak Chopra and many others. Both from his long work experience and hisreadings he has become a firm believer of the theory that success is 10% technical and 90% psychological. His keen interest to find a simple way to bring success to large section of people in India who are lacking information about THE UNIVERSAL LAWS and science of right thoughts had made him certified trainer of Law of Attraction. He found vast section of Indian people who really need such trainings are either unaware of the knowledge and these trainings are out of their reach due to lack financial and other constrains, beside the language barrier.