Translating Imagination to Reality

  • Locating our deepest desires and their manifestations.
  • Introducing contemporary strategy in creating Goals, finding Purpose and Mission in Life.
  • Providing guidance to think scientifically with the awareness that thought become things.
  • Equipping with tool and techniques and necessary competencies to overcome self limiting beliefs which holds us back.
Duration : 1 Month.
Frequency : Once a week Class
Schedule : Saturday, 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM.
Educational Qualification is no bar for any candidate desirous to build grander and finer life.
However as the offered course is online course necessary skill in computer and internet surfing is preferable.
The candidates should have their own Email ID.
The course is available in English, Hindi and other regional languages for better understanding.

Professionals and entrepreneurs interested to have their own business may find the course very much suitable.

The Art of Conscious Living

  1. Who we are?
  2. How To Find and Choose Our Life Purpose and Passion In Life
  3. Mind, Intellect and Personality, how thought become things.
  4. Raising Consciousness and understanding three shelves within us.
  5. Guidance to Conscious Living
  6. How to move from Fear to Action even if failure is expected

Multiply income and get more time off

  1. The wakeup call
  2. Consciousness and identifying as being
  3. What is holding us back and how to let go our limiting beliefs
  4. Goals and Visions
  5. The goal manifestation process and tools
  6. Attracting prospects and building our real world
  7. How to live an extraordinary life

Secrets of the Successful Minds & Mastering the Inner Game of Money

  1. Walk the royal road of riches.
  2. Learning why you do not have more money.
  3. How to have money and balanced life, both.
  4. How to avoid poverty and illness.
  5. How to think scientifically to look at money.
  6. How to attract all the money you need and get a raise in pay or appreciate business income.
  7. Knowing the blockage and barrier on the pathway to riches.
  8. How to protect your investments and appreciate net worth.

How to become the person you need to be in order to get what you want

  1. Discovering your innermost thoughts and passion
  2. Taking responsibility of your own life
  3. Practising attitude of gratitude and appreciation
  4. How to gain cooperation and build relationships
  5. How to create opportunities